Version 1.5 Update

This one was a bigger one so it took a few more days than the others. This fixes various problems that were reported by newer players to the game and some problems with side quests that weren't acceptable before. Anyway, here's the notes.

Patch notes:

Fixed a problem with the transition arrow for the Basilisk Tooth Passage, should be able to go there after Chapter 3 now

Fixed an error with the Guild Task "Fur For Days!", which was causing it to not track progress

Fixed positioning of Hunter Joel, pushing him off the cliff back to the ground. His side quest can now be accepted again since he is interactable again.

Fixed grammar errors on one of the Castle briefings

Fixed an error with the skills that caused stunning or stagger status, these will no longer freeze the game when enemies are stunned.

Fixed an error where enemies weren't spawning on the Aurora Peak Base map

Fixed an error after swapping party members in battle, previously caused crashing due to missing data

Fixed an error with map display in Wisparya Forest segments

Fixed an error that prevented Indie from spawning for the third time

Fixed an error with a tree blocking access to a treasure chest in the Deda Woodlands

Fixed an error with the skill "Temptation", which was causing it to freeze the game before

Fixed an error with the skill "Blade Tsunami", which would end the battle by inflicting KO status on all enemies for some reason.

Fixed an error that prevented the Syrencii on the shore from appearing

Fixed an error with the side quest "Syrencii on the Shore" that was previously locking the player in the spot where the Syrencii should've been

Fixed an error with the flashsequence in the Aquducts that was causing frame drops after seeing it

Fixed an error where the player could walk on the walls in Weshrain

Fixed an error that prevented Indie from spawning in Weshrain. It was previously spawning a little girl NPC instead for whatever reason.

Added a Turbo Speed system to the game. Simply hold down the action button while in combat to initiate it and speed the battle up. This should resolve any further lag issues during the battle animations. I don't recommend using this feature in boss battles since it may cause problems with dialogue and other eventing that takes place in there. Use in boss battles at your own risk!

Added an alternate map transition to the Basilisk Tooth Passage

Added a forced spawn location for Indie in Anderas Village. He will now spawn on the road there if you've met him before in Venfey.

Changed the appearance of Legendary enemies to be more easily recognizeable

Changed the spawn ratio for Legendaries so they spawn more frequently

Changed various stats on enemies for better balancing

Changed the damage calculation on some skills for better balancing

Changed the effect of "Burning Temple" from a chance of inflicting burning to a guaranteed infliction rate

Changed the harshness of Decay status to be less lethal in common battles after having it inflicted on the party

Changed the description of some signs to better describe location names. These were meant to be changed before since I had decided on different names for those regions after, but somehow overlooked them, but they're all fixed now!

 Changed the overall difficulty of the Tower of Trials to be better scaled based on progression. Lower floors will be easier now while the higher ones will become more and more difficult as you go. This will help with levelling up while inside the tower and training allies!

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