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Tales of the Lumminai is a fantasy adventure rpg set in two parallel worlds. As the player, you get to choose which world to play in, based on the gender of your main character. Both stories are unique, and different yet similar.

Both worlds are experiencing unforeseen events that date back to the beginning of the Lumminai spirits themselves with the Twilight Calamity. A dark force prowls on the horizon and the mystery of this force remains untold. "The Evil One" has a dark plot to create something unimaginable, and he seeks the Lumminai Crystals of the 8 Great Heralds to achieve his goals.

Join Lumi, and the few remaining Heralds as they try and stop this evil force in any way they can! Uncover the hidden powers of the Lumminai spirits and use them to your advantage against "The Evil One" and his massive armies.

With a dark past and a darker future, you must shape the world as you see fit in order to preserve life or will you fall to the path of darkness and pursuit ultimate power in a new world?

Note: This is a title in development. Current story and elements of the game are subject to change throughout the development process. Bugs and glitches may also exist as the game undergoes each testing phase. The game is slated for completion around September and will be released shortly after it is finished and fully tested. The progression is speeding up now that most of the database is finished and I have more time to work on it.


Explore an entire beautiful seamless world and even travel through Rifts into the parallel world to experience a completely different play style.
Extensive crafting system with over 150 recipes to work with
Transformation/Fusion skills to fuse with the various Lumminai for strong skill use
Summoning of the main 8 Lumminai to unleash devastating attacks
Over 50 different allies to build your party the way you want
Over 10 different classes to change between and learn new skills from

Stat distribution for every level up you obtain!

Each class has about 20 skills they can learn, and some universal ones too
Open seamless game world where you can freely explore (despite being a 2.5D world)
Certain characters have special abilities like communing with animals, seeing ghosts, etc.
You can become a villain or be the hero depending on your choices
The world's fate is in your hands alone, and it can be destroyed because of your actions throughout the story
Day/night cycle with full calendar
Over 25 different Lumminai companions you can capture through various events and use them to gain ultimate power!
12 different core elements, with 4 artificial ones created by the enemy
Your character can become companions with one of a number of possible partners
The result of a companionship will determine which of the 12 Starz returns later in the game
Make Beacon your headquarters and build the castle of your dreams!
Gather allies to fill your castle and create the ultimate Heraldom to fight the Darkness

Discover the potential of owning your own home in any of the capitals and make use of the shop to purchase furniture and other decorations to make your home great! You can even place your own decorations however you want them in certain areas, if you have these special decorations.


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Tales of the Lumminai (Win) V0.78 (6/12/2017)

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