Small Bug Fixes

How's it going everyone!? Today we've got a short little list of fixes for some of the systems that were causing problems.

Bugs Fixed:

An error message when closing the initial "Welcome" window that caused the game to crash

Mis-alignment of the snap points on some building parts, they should now be fixed and snap properly

Odd physics on the animals that made them move in place, now fixed so they stay on the ground and moving

An error that caused bows to be unable to shoot through wall cracks like it should allow, now fixed so anything you see through can be shot through with any weapon not just bows

Problem with terrain slopes that caused the player to bounce into space and die, we believe this is fixed now let us know if it persists


Proto-type Steam-Station, basically a wooden crafting station fitted with some scrap metal for building furniture (first design, may change later)

New weapon, Cog-Chet, a hatchet like "axe" with a cog as the blade

New weapon, RSX-9, a pistol like gun that will shoot scrap bullets

New weapon, Linx-17, an SMG type gun that has a neat little exhaust on the side, uses energy cells.

New weapon, Steam Rifle, similar to a sniper rifle but shoots energy like bullets, includes a scope for zooming

New furniture, wooden chair, wooden desk, wooden tables (3 variants), and wooden bench

New Wood tier Wall, Double Window, similar to the regular window, but with a divider making it two smaller ones.

New Defensive structure, Sandbag Wall, a small wall you can crouch behind for cover in a firefight.

That's all we have for this round, but we'll continue our hard work to add in even more fun stuff and bring our idea to further life. Keep on keeping on and have a great day!

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